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Start Up Advisory

Getting started can be a complex task for entrepreneurs, there so many unknown factors which need to be considered before you start.

Kaizen Business Consultants provides assistance to newer startups through its Startup consulting services in Dubai UAE.

Having expert advice available can significantly improve your chances of success for you. It can be a time savour and just by avoiding costly mistakes you can reduce your funding requirements. As a business startup, our consulting services for startups in Dubai come with invaluable benefits.

When starting a new business, most entrepreneurs do not have the expertise across all areas of the business.

Startups have a complex job ahead of them. After the legal business structure is in place, business owners have to manage a range of areas to succeed. Through the Startup consulting services in Dubai, Kaizen Business Consultants help with these areas, we provide the often much-needed support to entrepreneurs, Startup firms, and partners.

We help startups to provide services End to End, which includes advising them about the funding requirement for their venture, the Company formation, VAT Registration and filing, helping them to set up their accounting system, and helping them to maintain their accounting records. Our expert team helps the new Entrepreneurs to advise them about the Burn Rate and other key parameters to enable them to look ahead and scale up their business plans.

Benefits of using Kaizen Business Consultants

  • You will gain access to expertise and knowledge immediately as a business start-up and entrepreneur.
  • You will have Flexible relationships, and work with us only as needed, desired, or economical.
  • Get help with business tasks to accomplish business requirements.
  • Eliminate guessing games and learning curves, and execute your business with experience from the beginning.
Get ready to give wings to your dream company through our Business Formation Services in Dubai UAE.

You would avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls and make better decisions from the start.

Through our consulting services for start-ups, we would add executive level help and experience as needed to assist with key objectives.

Have access to skills for specific tasks fast and reliable.
We have good contacts and relationship with vendors as well. Clients benefit from this too.


Ready to take the first step?

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Kaizan Packages

Services Basic
Plan Accounting and Bookeeping
Standard Plan
Finance Manager Services
Premium Plan
Outsourced CFO Services
No. of Inflow and Outflow Transactions 100 200 400
Daily Transaction Recording
Monthly Accounting Report
Sales Report
Accounts Recerivable Reports
Accounts Payable Report
Bank Reconcialitaiton
Cash & Bank Reconcialiation
Expense Report
Payroll Management
Management Reports
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Cashflow Statement
Statement of changes in Equity
Quarterly Extensive Reports
Financial Analysis
Fixed Assets Register
Annual Financial Reports
Quarterly VAT Report Filing
Annual CT Report Filing
Sending invoices to Client’s customers
Sending follow up email reminders to Client’s customers
Cashflow Projections
Dedicated Account Manager
Advise on commercials in contracts

Our Approach

We use the different approaches for our clients to ensure they are satisfied and their business process should work smoothly.
  • Business Plans
  • No Business can be successful without having a clear plan , as a Start-up it is imperative that you should have a business plan to succeed . We will help you to evaluate your business plan and if you do not have any business plan, we will help you to create one.

  • Formation of Company
  • Depending up the Start-up business you are considering, we help you to create the right structure and formation of the company in Main Land or Free Zone or an Offshore Company. This is to ensure that you achieve your business goals and also to comply with the local regulations.

  • Visa
  • We will assist you to get the necessary employment visas, work and residences permits in the UAE to conduct your business operations.

  • VAT Registration & Filing
  • We will assist you to register your company for VAT compliance and help you to understand the VAT mechanism. We will also ensure that your VAT Tax returns are submitted on time to ensure you comply with the statutory requirement.

  • Accounting System & MIS
  • As an Entrepreneur you would only like to Focus on your CORE business. We would help you to implement a Cloud based Accounting System, will take care of your accounting requirement without you loosing focus on your core activities. While you would be gaining your critical information even while you are not in your office.

  • Burn Rate
  • The burn rate is the pace at which a new company is running through its start up capital ahead of it generating any positive cash flow. The burn rate is typically calculated in terms of the amount of cash the company is spending per month

    As this would help you to ensure that you have a sufficient and positive cash flow to operate your business. We will help you to monitor the same, which will keep your business up and running.