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Our Professional Tax Consulting Services in Dubai UAE

We have expertise in providing tax consultancy services in Dubai UAE. Our professional services includes the VAT and Excise Registration for the business.

We help our clients to ensure they comply with all the tax laws. Our hands-on approach helps you to focus on your business while we check all of your business transactions and provide an easy solution for your taxes for business operations.

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As Tax consultants in Dubai, we provide the below services to help you to comply with the tax requirement.
  • First-time implementation and registration
    Kaizen assures a professional and timely corporate tax registration in UAE to comply with the new UAE CT regime.
  • Impact assessment
    We offer corporate tax assessment services to analyze the impact, document requirements and compliances to make the right tax decision.
  • Planning and implementation
    The expert team at Kaizen offers strategic corporate tax planning services in UAE to minimize tax liabilities and maximize savings.
  • Tax compliance
    Kaizen offers a specialist evaluation of your company’s current position appurtenant to taxation.
  • Tax training
    We train your staff to ensure proper procedures and documentation are maintained to ensure compliance with the CT guidelines.
  • First time implementation and Registration
    We provide all types of VAT registration services in UAE
  • Deregistration
    We help businesses to cancel their VAT registration and suspend their Tax Registration Number (TRN)
  • VAT Return Filing
    We file the required VAT returns on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure accuracy and seamless integration with the accounting data.
  • VAT health check
    We provide a 360-degree VAT compliance review of an entity registered with the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA).
  • VAT refund
    We assist you through the process of applying for a VAT refund.
  • VAT reconsideration and amendment
    We help submit UAE VAT reconsideration which allows a taxable person to appeal for the review of the decision made by FTA. We handle all mandatory VAT amendments to ensure full compliance with the FTA requirements.
  • VAT training
    We prove to be the best Tax Consultants in Dubai as we offer a holistic approach in providing working-level knowledge to different levels of stakeholders through VAT training.
  • VAT Clearance Certificate
    FTA has recently added a new option of Clearance Certificate on FTA Portal, which will be helpful for those who are looking for Merger, Acquisition, Bankruptcy or Liquidation. VAT clearance certificate is available on the basis of Licence number, for Tax groups this will be available for all the members of the group on Individual basis.
  • Registration
    Ensure compliance with UAE excise tax regulations through smooth and efficient registration.
  • Deregistration
    We assist a taxable person or a business to cancel their excise registration and suspend their TRN.
  • Return filing
    We help with the daunting task of Excise Return Filing within 15 days of the tax period.

Tax Residency Certificate ( TRC ) is also known as Tax Domicile Certificate. A TRC shall be issued by the Federal Tax Authorities on an application made by the resident ( Natural or legal persons ) of UAE.

Tax Residency Certificate or Tax Domicile Certificate in the UAE are required for the following:

  • Avail the benefit of Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements (DTA)
  • Ultimate proof to demonstrate that one is a tax resident of the UAE

Certificates of Commercial Activities (CCA) is a document issued by the FTA based on a request from a VAT registered person to be used to support the recovery of VAT incurred by the registrant in a different country regardless of whether a double tax avoidance agreement exists or not.